Each Table has a committee made up of Table Officers. As a minimum theres needs to be a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary although there are other positions which members can fill – here’s a quick summary of each role:


A respected past member whose experience can be used as a source of guidance to the Chairman. Should help the Vice Chairman/Membership Officer in recruitment.


This is the most important position in the Round Table movement. The public view us as a local service organisation. In your year as Chairman you are the local face and character of Round Table. The success of Round Table is in your hands.
This is an onerous task but one which, done well, brings huge personal rewards.
1) Chairing meetings. All meetings should be prompt, well organised and well publicised, as well as fun, with due consideration given to guests and speakers
2) Cultivate a team spirit and ensure all your Officers know their responsibilities and are pulling their weight. It is your responsibility to ensure that any actions are pursued by the appropriate officer
3) Represent your Table at civic and Table functions. Expect to make speeches and presentations
4) Learn the Table Grace, Aims & Objects and, if possible the wording of the Induction Ceremony
5) Area and National mailings will be sent to you. It is vital that you read these carefully and inform your Table of the salient points
6) Familiarise yourself with the National Rules, Table Standing Orders and formal meeting procedure
7) Inform the Charities Commission of the change of Table Officers at the start of your year

Vice Chairman

1) Standing in for Chairman in his absence
2) Must prepare carefully for the year ahead. Try to select your team for next year. Think carefully about how you intend to make your meetings enjoyable. Visit other Tables to see how they are run
3) Attend one of the Table Vice Chairman’s forums organised by the National Membership and Development Committee
4) With the Table Membership Officer produce a Table Membership Plan
5) Organise your Table’s attendance at the National Conference
6) Get to know your Area Vice Chairman and plan his attendance at your Table in your year


1) You are responsible for advising your Table on all matters of finance, providing up to date information when requested
2) Collect the Table, Area and National subscriptions from each Tabler and pay these by 15th July
3) Count and bank moneys when collected, arrange for floats when required. Arrange with your bank the change of signatories at the start of your year
4) Keep accurate records and bank statements. Produce proper audited accounts for your Table AGM and be prepared to answer questions on these
5) Propose an auditor to your Table AGM and a proposal for next years subscriptions
6) Organise the raffles and fines for each appropriate meeting
7) Liaise with your Area Treasurer and ask his advise when needed.
8) Make sure your Table have adequate insurance. Refer to “Keep it Safe”, the insurance booklet available from Marchesi House


1) Prepare and circulate agendas of formal meetings, record and circulate these minutes. Provide the Chairman with a list of guests and visitors at each meeting and appoint a Tabler at each appropriate meeting to read/recite Table Grace and Aims and Objects. Appoint a fines master where required
2) Assist the Chairman during meetings and otherwise
3) Prepare and circulate the Table Directory and Table Diary
4) Ensure that Area and National mailings are given due consideration
5) Return your Active Members Roles to the Area Secretary by 30th April
6) Inform Marchesi House of any change to Tablers details during your year
7) Maintain sensible handover records and your Table regalia and ensure that you have ordered your jewels and tankards
8) Liaise with your Area Secretary
9) Advise Tablers on procedures for election to Table and Area Posts
10) Get new members packs from Marchesi House in advance of induction


This is one of the most important jobs on the Table Council. A good programme is the foundation of a successful year and will retain current members as well as attract new ones.
1) Organise all Table meetings for the year. These should be well publicised in advance such that all Tablers know the cost, venue and dates
2) Ensure that Area events appear in your Table Diary
3) Visit neighbouring Tables to find out new ideas about successful events. Whenever possible arrange Table scatter nights to other Tables
4) Invite 41 Club and Area Executive to meetings where appropriate


1) Formulate and put into action a Table Membership Plan in liaison with your Table Vice Chairman and President. Refer to the “Membership Officers Handbook” produced by the National Membership and Development Committee and available from Marchesi House
2) Potential new members often feel isolated at Table meetings and it is your responsibility to ensure that they are welcome and involved, this should also involve organising a lift to and from the meeting
3) Inform your Area Membership Officer of any Tablers who move away from your Table
4) Liaise with your Area Membership and Development Officer


1) Organise Table Social functions such as Ladies Night, Burns Night, Summer Barbecue and Christmas Party amongst others
2) Ensure that these events are publicised and supported
3) Events will need a budget proposal to the Table Council


1) Organising sporting events within your Table in liaison with the Programme Convenor
2) Challenge neighbouring Tables to sporting competitions and select and train your team for these
3) Organise your Table’s team for Area sporting events and enthuse your Table to attend
4) Promote the National Sporting Weekend to your Table


You will receive requests to Table for Charity donations. This is an important task as it represents the public face of the organisation.
1) Keep your Table informed of all requests and make recommendations of how appropriate these are, maybe by visiting the organisation or individual concerned
2) You are responsible for all correspondence with the various applications
3) Follow up the donations and present a progress report to the Table.
4) Liaise with the Area CSLO and keep him informed of the total raised by your Table in your year
5) Keep your Table informed of National initiatives and support these wherever possible The Toddle, Children’s Wish, Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Appeal, Children in Need, to mention a few


1) Organise charity events such as your Christmas Float and Bonfire Night
2) You are responsible for maintaining your Tables fundraising kit such as the bouncy castle and candy floss machines. These must be kept in good order in a safe place and comply with health and safety regulations. You may have to keep a diary of when they are out on loan


1) Organise your Table’s participation in International Tabling such as twinning tours
2) Keep the Area International Officer informed of your Tables international links and events


1) Produce a Table magazine. Why not try and win one of the National awards for your Table publication
2) You are responsible for maximising the media coverage of your Table by informing them of Fund- raising events and Social functions. Most local newspapers are pleased to receive material and you will find your local editor very approachable. Don’t forget local radio and television
3) Prepare material to be sent to your Area Publicity Officer for the Area Magazine. Discuss with him whether the material can be sent on for publication in “Tabler”
4) Establish/maintain your Table’s website and encourage Tablers to use this as a communication tool
5) Carry your camera with you at all Table events and prepare a scrap book for your Chairman at the end of his year


1) Although all Tablers should be encourage to attend Area functions, you are responsible for representing and presenting your Tables views on any items for Area discussion
2) You should keep your Table informed of any issues which are discussed at Area meetings
3) Organise raids on other Tables within your Area “just for the hell of it”


1) Organise sales of Table material within your Table to reduce Table subs
2) Keep accurate records of all transactions and liaise with the Table Treasurer
3) Organise the purchase of Table kit through the Area Sales Officer, e.g. Table sweat shirts etc.