Mental Wellbeing

First up, we’re not a mental health organisation and we don’t have any trained individuals. What we can offer, though, is the opportunity to get involved in activities which can help guys with their mental wellbeing. Since our inception in 1927 we’ve been giving guys these kinds of opportunity but it’s not until recently and with the advent of organisations such as the Men’s Pie Club etc that we’ve thought to emphasise the kinds of things we do which can help in much the same way.

The recent development of the Five Way’s of Wellness really got us thinking about how well an organisation such as ours can help guys meet each of these and help with Mental Wellness. Here’s how:

We’ll start with the easiest… every month our members have the opportunity to meet other members, usual in person or, with recent developments, occasionally online. On top of that Tables use communication tools like WhatsApp (which some members feel the need to mute due to volume of messages! ?) to regularly keep connected.

Being a members gives you the opportunity to get out more and experience things you wouldn’t otherwise be it attending a meeting, social or even helping in your local community.

You don’t just have to give away money to gain from giving – it’s more about being kind and Tablers all over the UK give up thousands of hours to raise money which goes towards helping their local communities.

Be it by joining a Table Strava group, taking place in a local sponsored event or signing up to a National event such as Hike & Bike or National Sporting Weekend, there’s always an opportunity to be Active with Table.

Our members often put on events to get guys learning new skills be it cooking/ butchery classes beer tasting evenings or listening to speakers (our E-Club regularly puts on Q&A sessions which any Tabler can join).