What is Round Table?

A VERY Brief History

In 1927 a young man had the idea of forming a club which would include guys like him would meet regularly to discuss a wide variety of topics. These clubs became known a Round Tables and almost 100 years on guys are still meeting regularly to organise ways in which they can help their local community as well as plan social events. Membership basically allows guys to #DoMore with their lives.

Mental Wellbeing

Being involved in a club like Round Table gives guys the opportunity not only to socialise and help their local community but in so doing improve things like their communication and project management skills – activities which enable guys to improve their mental health and meet the Five Ways of Wellness – click here to find out more.

Round Table Family

Whilst identifying as a male between the ages of 18 and 45 is a prerequisite of membership, there are other organisations under our family umbrella which are open to everyone over the age of 18 – click here to find out more


As well as there being thousands of Round Table members in the UK (check out our National Website), there are many more members based in clubs all over the world which as a member you’d be more than welcome to visit and experience another part of the world like you’d never otherwise be able to see it (check out the International Website).


As well as being the UK’s largest provider of bonfire night fireworks displays (yes, really) we’re also out in force every year helping santa visit local boys and girls on his sleigh and can often be seen organising (not just attending…) beer festivals. Money raised at events like this is spent on things ranging from buying a replacement washing machine for a family in dire straits or wheels for an up and coming BMX star whose funding has been cut (as Safron Walden Round Table did for Beth Shriever who went on to win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics).


Whether you’ve got a group of established mates or have just moved to an area and know no-one, your local Round Table will welcome you with open arms and soon enough you’ll be getting invited to take part in activities ranging from foot golf to escape rooms to go karting to golfing – often times there will be a member who might be able to get yo involved in a RNLI or police riot training day – something which wouldn’t be available to Joe public.

Next Steps

So, assuming you’re not already a Round Table Family member, what’s stopping you from finding out more – get in touch…